Algo Group: third range expansion of handles and window regulators

The Algo Group's offer for the independent aftermarket is constantly evolving with the addition now of new window regulator and handle products in their catalogue. These products have many applications for an increasingly complete company offering.

  • AlgoGroup
  • 02/Nov/2023

Albavilla (Italy), November 2nd, 2023 – Algo Group, a leading company in the production and distribution of window regulators and handles, announces the third expansion for 2023 of its range after those presented in February and May. With 52 new window regulator products and 4 new handles for a total of 56 product codes, this further expansion brings the aftermarket window regulators offering to a total of 2,724 codes. The newly introduced products are, as usual, available for each of the group's brands, Lift Tek, Electric-Life, PMM and Miraglio, they are original or original-equivalent and meet the high-quality standards required by the car manufacturers.

The 4 new handle codes added to the Algo Group range cover 50 applications and among them is the external handle for light commercial vehicles such as Jumper and Ducato. For the latter, in particular, the new code is a product development to adapt the range to the vehicle restyling and increase the offer for the Stellantis Group.

Also worth mentioning is the external handle with keyless technology equipped with capacitive sensors that the Stellantis group has been using on its vehicles since 2013 and that is still used on new models. This technology represents a first for Algo Group in terms of electronic handles. The keyless products are used on vehicles of brands such as Citroën, Opel, Peugeot and Jeep.

Both the handles designed for the Stellantis group are entirely made in Algo, and represent the result of a completely in-house design process that includes a rigorous testing to verify the functionality of the products, as well as their resistance over time in different weather conditions, before reaching the production stage.

The 52 new window regulator codes added to the catalogue have a total of 120 applications, demonstrating the versatility of the Algo Group products. The new products feature a series of mechanisms with specific characteristics that make them quick to install and cost effective and meet precise market requirements. A selection of the new codes mounts a very strong and durable OE mechanism, the same used by the Algo Group in its OE production.

These new products find application in cars such as the Golf VI and Audi Q5, as well as in many other vehicles of the leading car brands and in cars of all segments.

All the Algo Group products undergo a rigorous design process and are developed entirely in-house, making them synonymous with quality. The Algo Group's experience in OE production is transferred to production processes for the aftermarket, making the company a reliable manufacturer of excellent quality.

Algo Group also offers a customer service that includes a dedicated back office, full support from purchase to installation, fast delivery, and up-to-date online tools.